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Performance parts and accessories for your HD pickup

About Us


Diesel-Max was created to provide you with quality parts and accessories for your Dodge/Cummins pickup truck.  I specialize in Dodge pickups because that's what I drive and that's what I know.  Right now, it’s a one-man-show.  I develop the website, choose the products, answer the e-mails, and answer the questions – as best I can.  I believe in 100% honesty in dealing with people.  If I don’t know something, I’ll admit it, and I’ll do my best to find an answer.  I’ve done a lot of shopping on the internet for truck parts and accessories.  I know how I would like to be treated, and that’s how I want to treat my customers.  I know that if I want to stay in business, I have to satisfy you - the customer.  I know you won’t come back otherwise.  I want to make this business the best on the internet, so if you see something that you would like featured on the website having to do with HD pickup parts and accessories, let me know, as I have access to most products you can imagine for any American made truck.




I am always on the lookout for unique products that you can’t find anywhere else.  The Vent Kit, Pillar Pin and .44 Magnum billet shift knob are examples of this.  They’re only available here, and I’ll find more products like this as time goes by.


Other products on the website will be from manufacturers with a good reputation that produce quality products and treat their customers right.


Pricing Policy:


Almost all manufacturers specify a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP).  The products you see on eBay and on some websites may be cheaper, but the dealers that sell the products at that price have chosen to violate the manufacturer’s policies.  If they’re willing to do that to the people that supply them products to sell, how honest will they be in other areas of their business?  How will they treat you when there is a problem?  How can they return merchandise to a manufacturer when they have decided to violate policy that most others follow?  Internet commerce relies on trust between the merchant and the customer.  You send your money to someone you cannot see for a product you cannot touch in the hopes that what they have on their website or auction is accurate and true and that the person on the other end is reputable and honest. 

Diesel-Max will price products at the MAP in compliance with all manufacturer policies.  This not only means that you are getting the lowest allowable price on your item, but you are buying from someone you can trust and the manufacturers can trust.  Having a good relationship with the manufacturers’ means they will be willing to help when a problem arises.


If you have any questions about the site, or any suggestions, I’m always willing to listen.  Thanks for taking the time to learn about us.



David Kelley

127 Cooks Landing Road
Peach Bottom, PA  17563

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